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Ray-Ban Collection 2020: #ourtradition

The best traditions are born when you least expect them, just like this new Ray-Ban collection. The three Ray-Ban #ourtradtition models are just as authentic, attention-grabbing and enduring as the best traditions themselves.

The moments that just happen and bring us together like nothing before - those are our traditions. Discover the latest Ray-Ban Collection 2020 and get inspiration to upgrade your 2020 outfits. Traditions are many and different. And so are the styles you can find in Ray-Ban 2020 selection.

Ray-Ban Olympian Aviator

Steal the scene with our Olympian Aviator model. Olympian Aviator sunglasses are part of the latest Ray-Ban collection designed for both women and men (unisex). This sleek full-frame model reflects the latest trends in designer eyewear and its Aviator frame makes Olympian the ideal choice for the round, oval and angular faces. The metal frame gives your glasses a perfect look, with exceptional durability and strength.

Ray-Ban OLYMPIAN AVIATOR RB2219 sunglasses Collection 2020 #ourtradition eyewear unisex


Time to look at the whole year to come. Even better when through a new pair of shades, for example, these ones! Ray-Ban Square II is part of the latest Ray-Ban collection designed mainly for women. This sleek full-frame model reflects the latest trends and its oversize frame makes the Ray-Ban sunglasses ideal choice especially for round faces and those who love retro vibes.

Ray-Ban SQUARE II RB1973 sunglasses Collection 2020 #ourtradition eyewear for women

Ray-Ban Olympian

Get your eyes on a gift that they won’t expect. This sleek full-frame model reflects the latest trends inspired in the '90s and its rectangular frame makes Ray-Ban Olympian the ideal choice for round and oval faces. Retro model is designed mainly for men, but women can wear them too.

Ray-Ban OLYMPIAN RB311 sunglasses Collection 2020 #ourtradition eyewear for men

To those things that happen by chance and stay with us, shaping our lives year after year - these are the moments we want to celebrate. These are our traditions. In case you fall in love with some of these models from the latest Ray Ban 2020 Collection, check our eyerim eshop and find yourself the perfect pair.



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